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When You NEED to Contact A Roofing Professional

July 2, 2019

The roof of a home is one of the most critical areas because it often indicates serious issues that may exist elsewhere in a home. Homes may need roofing experts in a variety of situations because damage to a house often starts on the top and spreads downward to create a multitude of issues that can be hard to control without the help of roofing companies in Waterloo and Cedar Falls, IA.

As a result, you need to understand when the time is right to contact roofing and repair experts near you. The following situations are the most common issues that will require the help of an expert to manage. Roofing professionals can assess the damage to your shingles and other elements of your roof and will then take steps to ensure that your home is safe from severe decay and rotting caused by various weathering elements.

Curling Around Your Shingles

High-quality shingles should last for a long time before they start to curl or buckle. Unfortunately, when you see symptoms of this type of damage on your roofing, there’s a good chance you’re going to need roofing companies to protect you. Simply put, this type of curling occurs when your shingles end up getting old or suffer from the invasion of moisture and massive exposure to excessive heat temperatures.

Sometimes, these elements work in combination to create a very big issue that is hard to manage. For example, excessive moisture invasion can cause a shingle to shrink and may cause curling around certain edges of your home. And heat can also cause damage to your shingles that make them curl up into the air and expose them to more serious damage.

This problem is one that should be easy to spot from the ground – if you can see shingles twisting up into the air from the ground, you need to contact a professional right away to ensure that you get the repairs necessary to keep this project from becoming a massive problem. So make sure that you keep your roofer ready to fix this type of problem.

Increasing Roof Age

A home’s roof is typically designed to last for several decades without any significant issue. However, once your roof hits the age of 20, you’re in a slightly different arena. Simply put, roofs at this age are going to start showing signs of severe damage. And even if they aren’t, you may want to contact roofing companies anyway to have these professionals inspect the roof and ensure that things aren’t going wrong below the surface.

For example, professionals can come to your home and see if your roof has any subtle damage that you can’t see from the ground or from the top of a ladder. This type of damage is often widespread on a roof and can become hard to manage without the help of professional repair experts. Thankfully, regular inspections can help your roof last longer than 20 years and push it more towards 30 years – and if you haven’t gotten roof repairs after 30 years, you definitely need them ASAP.

Chimney Flashing Problems

The chimney is one of the most critical parts of your roof. If you regularly run your fireplace or have a very busy stove, the fireplace removes smoke and other contaminants in a safe and managed way. However, chimneys are also one of the most problematic areas of a roof because they can cause a variety of damage that is often hard to predict and even harder to manage without help. Usually, this damage is among the most devastating your roof will experience and among the hardest to control.

For example, the flashing on your chimney may start to wear away or disconnect from your fireplace and let in various elements such as water, rain, and even animals. This problem can quickly get out of control if the flashing separation gets worse and you can’t get a handle on the situation. Chimney damage can spiral into a costly money pit that requires thousands of dollars to manage – sometimes, even the complete replacement of your chimney and also your furnace.

Thankfully, roofing companies can help to manage this problem very effectively. For example, these experts can get on top of your roof, assess the damage to your materials, and then work hard to ensure that your chimney is fully repaired. This process often takes awhile to get right but is more than worth the price when you finally do.

Bald Spots on the Roof

Across the surface of your shingles, there should be a sealant that helps to keep them in place. Once this sealant wears out, though, your shingles won’t stick to your roof as effectively. As a result, the shingles may start to peel off of your roof and even fall off. When this happens, you’re likely to see a series of bald spots break out across the surface of your roof.

This situation is often an easy one to fix on your own because all you need to do is find the old shingle, add new sealant, and add the shingle back to the roof. However, this problem has an unfortunate tendency to start regularly occurring without proper maintenance. Simply put, your shingles are likely to begin experiencing wear and tear around the same time and start falling off.

As a result, your home may go through pattern baldness that gets far beyond your ability to manage. If you are getting on your roof nearly every day to reattach shingles, it is time to contact roofing companies near you. These experts will assess what is happening and will take steps to ensure that you don’t experience bald spots again in the near future.

Contact a Professional Right Away

These common issues are problems that often plague a large number of homes and can spread rapidly without a warning sign. This lack of warning is a significant problem because many homeowners may not check their roof out that often and may leave it exposed to the elements and various types of decay for years. Thankfully, this problem can be managed if you spot these issues early and do what you can to properly repair them.

So if you need help from roofing companies in Waterloo or Cedar Falls, Iowa, please don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more. Our experts can come to your home, inspect the damage on your roof, and help you decide if it is severe enough to necessitate repairs. Thankfully, repairs aren’t always necessary, and you may be able to avoid more complex processes, such as complete roof replacement, as well.

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