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Major Home Upgrades That Can Have a Big Impact

June 9, 2021

Finding ways to renovate and improve your home is one of the flagship parts of home ownership. While you may love the house that you have, and don’t necessarily want to move, you can always find some way to improve it. You should always be open to the costs associated with different renovations.

However, not all home upgrades are created equal. Some of them are much more worthwhile for long-term ownership, others can improve property value in short bursts. If you are planning to move in a year, you might not want to make major changes anytime soon. The projects you undertake should benefit your living situation at that moment.

Professional Landscaping

Nothing detracts more from your home’s appearance than an unkempt yard. While lawn care isn’t necessarily the most important thing in terms of internal maintenance, there can be some dire consequences in neglecting your lawn. Weekly care is recommended. But if you haven’t taken care of your yard whatsoever, you might be hesitant to even start.

In these situations, it can be valuable to contact a professional landscaping company. They can be quite pricey, but they work in a pinch and may offer you a gradual payment option. If you don’t think you can keep up with your lawn maintenance, hire the professionals.

Replace Your Roof

If there is any part of your home that you should put your focus on, it is the roof. The top of your home puts up with a lot—particularly in areas that have a harsh climate. Heavy snow can collapse through your roof, the blaring sun can damage the roof panels rendering them worthless, and rain can stream through any small weak point.

It is smart to replace your roof long before these issues occur. The type of shingles you have will dictate the lifespan of your roof. Be responsible and keep this in mind. If one of these issues does happen, you may need to replace your roof altogether. Talk to a contractor to see what can be done.

More Durable Siding

While the roof goes through a lot, you also need to keep in mind the other exterior elements of your home—including the siding. Siding is exposed to many of the same elements as your roof, but it doesn’t get talked about nearly as much. However, weak siding can lead to drafts, unstable walls, and other collapses.

The most common type of siding is a type of vinyl material. If you want something more durable, you should look into wooden or metallic siding instead. They can keep your home supported while remaining tougher against the elements (plus, they look cool too).

Build a Deck

When people are looking into buying a home, one great asset you can promote for your home is its deck. Building a deck can give you a place to spend time with friends, family, or yourself. People want to be outside more, and a deck gives them that opportunity.

Some deck features can add a lot of value to your home. Off-ramps that lead to a firepit can be great for families that want to roast marshmallows together. Stereo systems attract a lot of young people to your home and can be great for outdoor gatherings. You’ll be surprised how fast your house will sell if you build one of these gems.

Install Solar Panels

Energy efficiency is becoming a more sought-after quality for homes. Because of the insane costs of homes, permits, taxes, and the like, being able to cut some expenses makes the average homeowner breathe a bit easier. While you can make your daily energy habits more cost-effective, you can also install alternative energy sources.

Few are more effective and practical than solar panels. Though they have historically had a high installation price, new manufacturing processes have made them cheaper. On top of that, they are a one-time investment that will increase your property value and save you money in the long run. Don’t buy them if you are planning on moving soon, though. The price might not be worth it if you can’t benefit a little from the energy savings.

Replace Your Windows

Window replacement is one way you can improve your home. Many people do not realize that old windows can cost you money on energy prices. Non-tinted windows allow sunlight to creep into your home, warming up your house. This, in turn, leads to you using the HVAC system more often.

If you are looking to save a pretty penny on something, you may want to turn your eye to energy-efficient windows. Using new technology, they can limit sunlight from coming in and promote a greener lifestyle. On a separate note, always check for cracks and drafts coming from your windows.

Get New Flooring

Investing in new flooring can be a great way to spend your renovation money. New floors can make your home look nicer than old, smelly carpet. Before you decide on any specific type of floor, make sure you are doing your research. Getting an unattractive floor can deter people from buying your home if you plan to sell.

Laminate flooring, tile, and carpet are the three trending floor types out there. Each serves its purpose. Carpets are especially helpful for lounging rooms like the living room or your bedrooms. Hard floors are better for wet-floor rooms like kitchens and bathrooms.

Repaint the Rooms

If you want to radically change the way your house looks, it may be time to get your paints and brushes out. Repainting the rooms in your home can give a sense of class not previously had in your rooms. They can also offer a splash of personality to certain rooms.

Be careful you don’t go too wacky with the colors you select—especially if you plan to sell your home. Make sure you use pro painting tips and processes. By the end of it all, each room should look immaculate.

Making any of these upgrades to your home can make it seem brand new. You don’t necessarily have to change the way your house looks from the ground up, but making the decisions that are right for your home can be awfully satisfying.

If you’re looking to upgrade your home, contact us today to get a free estimate!

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