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3 Exterior Fixes Your Fixer-Upper Needs Right Now

June 12, 2020

Fixer-uppers are great for homeowners a little light on cash, or who just enjoy the remodeling process. After picking up a home that needs a little work, most homeowners decide to do incremental repairs and minor fixes over the course of their stay. While this might be okay for some properties, if your property has issues with one of the following areas you need to jump on the repairs, or to make sure it’s done right call the experts, ASAP!

Your Roof

It’s no exaggeration to call your roof one of the most important pieces of your home outside of the structural support and foundation. It protects every inch of the home, and is one of the worst parts of a home to fail. If you lose shingles, or develop cracks and damage to your roofing then your whole home can sustain massive damage. When you first pick up an older home, you should have the roof inspected, and any damage repaired quickly.


Your siding may not seem important, but particularly in older houses it is. Siding provides a first line of defence against weather, such as rain and hail, and most homes that have it tend to not have as much protection underneath. If you leave the siding the weather damage doesn’t become a matter of if, it becomes a question of how much it will cost you. Check your home’s siding, and look for any signs of damage or wear that will allow weather to damage your walls or foundation. It’s important enough that it’s recommended that you let the pros handle any installation you need.


The importance of windows to your homes integrity is manyfold. On one level they are the most appealing target for criminals. A poorly fitted or maintained window seems like a golden chance to infiltrate any home, almost as appealing as an open front door. Of course you should check your windows for more than just that of course. Older less efficient windows tend to leak heat and let in heat more easily, making your utility bills go through the roof. Furthermore a poorly fitted window can allow weather into your unprotected walls and into your foundation or electrical system. Indeed the protections they provide are numerous!

These three areas should be looked at with a fine toothed comb on any fixer upper. Failure to do so could result in serious issues that will cost you later in your home’s life.

If you feel your fixer upper could use a bit more work, then don’t leave it up to chance! Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to help you with making your home safe and secure for as long as you need it!

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